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We are ZaryahX

ZaryahX is the ultimate crypto exchange platform designed to provide investors with a wide range of investment options, all within a single solution. Our goal is to make investing more accessible and ethical for everyone. We believe in complete transparency, ensuring that all our customers are able to make informed decisions based on accurate market data. With our state-of-the-art blockchain technology, we provide a secure and reliable platform that will help you achieve your investment goals.

  • How are the Shariah compliance procedures at ZaryahX audited?
  • Can you provide the details of ZaryahX's Shariah compliance certificate?
    Yes, we do provide the details of the Shariah Compliance certificate
  • How frequently does ZaryahX review its Shariah compliance status?
  • How can I create an account with ZaryahX?
    Typically, creating an account would involve visiting the ZaryahX website, providing personal information, and undergoing a verification process. The specifics can vary based on user location and the services they wish to access.
  • How does ZaryahX integrate blockchain technology?
    ZaryahX utilizes blockchain for various functionalities such as creating a secure and transparent digital exchange platform, issuing halal cryptocurrency and asset-backed tokens, and facilitating other financial services like real estate digitization and e-commerce integration.
  • What is ZaryahX?
    ZaryahX is a US-based company specializing in blockchain technology, data analytics, and AI. It aims to integrate traditional Islamic finance principles with modern financial technology, offering a range of services including a halal cryptocurrency, asset-backed tokens, and a digital exchange platform.
  • In which countries does ZaryahX operate?
    ZaryahX operates primarily in the United States but has a global presence. It is licensed in Estonia and has representative offices in France, Australia, and India.
  • What makes ZaryahX's cryptocurrency halal?
    ZaryahX's cryptocurrency is designed to be halal, adhering to Islamic finance principles. This involves avoiding interest (riba) and ensuring that the investments are backed by tangible assets like gold and real estate, making them more stable and ethical according to Islamic law.

Team Members

Jubran Siddique

Founder & CEO

Mohammed Umar


Muslehuddin Musab Mohammed

Senior Shariah Auditor.

 Mohammed Nafeel Mahboob

Shariah Advisor

Munir Soud Khamis

Shariah Advisor

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